Welcome to the New Horizon Software!

Welcome to the New Horizon Software!
October 4, 2018 Digital Team

Horizon Software is passionate about its role in K-12 school nutrition. This market demands strong, aligned relationships in which all involved are partners in accepting a social responsibility. That’s why we’re rededicating ourselves to the school nutrition professionals, administrators, students, and parents we serve with easy-to-use solutions reflecting our corporate and community values.

We are continuously refining our focus on the people who use our software every day by renewing our team’s commitment to K-12 school nutrition. We are engaging with our customers to get feedback and to understand evolving industry needs. We are here to listen and be your comprehensive partner in managing your school nutrition department.

We will continue to demonstrate this commitment in everything we do, from software development, to implementation, to customer support.

At Horizon Software, we begin each new day looking forward, and focused on serving you.

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  1. JK Belke 3 years ago

    I’m not sure where a good place to offer suggestions might be, and I am hopeful that you can pass this along. It would be helpful for the screens from previous years, that is when we choose to view student list from last year, to be a different color or have a different look of some sort. Or for a pop-up to remind us that we are in a different view. Thank you for considering.

    • Liz Roesel 3 years ago

      Hi, JK – thank you for your suggestion! Stay tuned in early 2019 for an easy way to submit suggestions like this in to our team and track their progress. In the meantime, I have forwarded this suggestion to our team. Thank you for being a member of the Horizon Family and Happy Holidays!

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