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Moving to the Cloud with Confidence

Upgrading to HST is easier than ever thanks to our Horizon team members who are focused on a seamless transition.
Learn how we get you ready, how we protect your data, and what some of the latest new HST users have to say about their upgrade experience!
When: March 25th at 2:00 pm EST
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Summer Registrations via MyPaymentsPlus

Take a look at how simple it can be to offer all of your summer activities in one convenient location. From camps to summer school, sports to facility rentals, we’ve got you covered!
Whether you want to open registrations for students within your district or open up to the public, MyPaymentsPlus makes it possible.
When: April 7th at 10:00 am EST
Hosted by: Commerce Engagement Advisors, Jessica McCulley & Chastity Eggleston
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K12 Menu Planning with HST

A focus on recipes, Menu Cycles, Forecasting, Purchasing, and the latest feature enhancements
When: April 22nd at 10:00 am EST
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The Power of Student Nutrition and Overall Student Wellness

Join us as we take a close look at student wellness and the important role that school nutrition plays.
This webinar will also focus on:
  • Beneficial tools accessible to SNP’s that can be shared with other departments in your school
  • Reserving your seat at the table… for good!
  • How to Start A Wellness Team
  • Tips from existing districts with wellness teams
  • Promoting Wellness to Your District Parents
When: May 18th at 10:00 am EST
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On-Demand Webinars

Our popular webinar series offers tutorials and feature descriptions with real-world applications,
presented by Horizon Software community members and expert partners.

Q1 K12 Connect – For Horizon Customers Only*

We’d like to introduce  you to our K12 Connect series! Every quarter we will be hosting a K12 Connect for our customers to stay in the loop with our product team and learn all about what’s new and what’s coming!
You don’t want to miss our very first one!
Our K12 Connect Meeting has already occurred. Existing customers may access the recorded session from within our Horizon Online Community.
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Free Tools for Marketing Your Nutrition Program!

There is no greater asset to increased participation than excellent marketing! Attend our session to learn about the free tools available to your team, both within our Horizon products and via our marketing team! We’ll also cover some helpful tips to getting other departments on board!
This webinar has already been presented. Request a copy of our recording by contacting our K12 Marketing Manager, Amanda Correa 

Saving Money with Inventory Purchases

At a time where every penny counts, we’re covering ways in which you can save money with everything from on-hand inventory, forecasted ordering, and even vendor integrations!
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Menu-Driven Forecasting

Get a closer look at how we can assist you in your efforts to increase order accuracy, provide better inventory control, and help reduce food cost & waste.
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Loss Prevention

This session explores the ways K-12 nutrition professionals can recognize and prevent loss from the theft, fraud, and administrative errors that can occur in school districts. We will cover the steps you can take to protect yourself against fraud and internal/external theft.
Learning Objectives:
•Understanding “Shrinkage” & how it can affect your bottom line
•Recognizing the three main areas of loss opportunity
•Mitigating loss by using internal auditing procedures & software to track inventory
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Meals in the Classroom Just Got Easier!

We’re launching a new Horizon solution and want you to be the first to learn about it!

Horizon Classroom Ordering will be the key to a streamlined process this Fall. As the concept of meals in the classroom continues to grow in popularity, we’re prepared to help you solve the challenges of coordinating the efforts around taking pre-orders for meals in the classroom and bridging the gap between students, teachers, and your school nutrition staff.

Why watch? You’ll see how easy it is to:

  • Customize your pre-ordering process
  • Simplify your reporting capabilities
  • Follow CDC recommendations by serving meals in classroom
  • Increase participation in your nutrition program
  • Help decrease stress from your teachers & staff

View this recording today!

A Healthy Return To School

As we work together to provide solutions for K-12 schools, we find this upcoming back-to-school season to be even more dependent on technology to help provide a safe, healthy environment for your students and staff. We have the tools to assist your team in their efforts to follow CDC recommendations for topics like:

  • Meals in the classroom
  • Managing student traffic flow, service lines and more!

We went over tools for cashless and/or touchless payments such as:

  • Apple Pay
  • Biometrics
  • Student tracking
  • Access control and more!

This webinar has already happened. If you would like to get a copy of the recording, please email our K-12 Marketing Manager, Amanda Correa.


Decreasing Germs + Increasing Participation: Prepping for a Fall Return Online

Now is the perfect time to take a look at how you’re going to prep for a safe return in the Fall.

Learn about how you can follow social distancing suggestions by offering:

  • Virtual open houses & orientations
  • Prepayments school fees & activities
  • A cashless lunch line
  • Clear & concise marketing to parents
  • Managing all of your events/programs in one location – online

We’ll cover a variety of topics on this webinar that will have you feeling more comfortable with the new normal… and give you some ideas to feel excited & ready to return to school this Fall.

Supporting Emergency Feeding Programs with Technology

We’re at a point where every resource, every second, and every penny counts – this is when technology matters most.

  • Join us to learn quick and easy ways to get the job done faster, using the technology you already have.
  • See what other programs are doing to serve kids faster, even while under the pressure of COVID-19.
  • Gain insight on best practices for pushing through emergency situations.

Break free from the chains of your desktop and get to work, where the work is! Check out how much more efficient you can be when you’re able to do inventory anywhere… even the freezer!

Reasons to join us:

  • Learn about how we protect the counts you’ve collected, even in the event of a network drop!
  • See how we help prevent duplicate entries
  • Check out how much money you’ll be saving on paper waste
  • Get back the time spent on entering multiple pack sizes and more!



From line speed to access control, check out how easy it is to implement finger scanning biometrics in your schools! 

Reasons to join us:

  • Improve parent satisfaction with less stress on their young students to remember their student ID #
  • Increase efficiency in the lunch room with a faster checkout process
  • See how this smarter technology can be used in other parts of the school as well!




The future has never looked brighter for Horizon customers. Join us for a preview of what Horizon School Technology is all about, and check out the exciting advancements we’ve made to help improve operational efficiency and service in school nutrition.

Reasons to join us:

  • Learn about the updated tools for serving students, faster
  • Check out our latest product innovations for Mobile Inventory + Mobile Receiving
  • Discover how you can gain accuracy and accountability in vendor product data
  • Take a look at what you can do with KPI/Data Analytics you’ve only dreamed about

You will leave this webinar excited about the future of your program!


#ANC19 Session: Free Digital Tools to Bring Your Marketing to Life

This session was so much fun at the School Nutrition Association’s 2019 Annual National Conference, that we brought it back a webinar. Horizon K-12 Marketing Manager Liz Roesel presents this crash course of nine marketing tools that will help you better market your program and engage customers.

You will see how to easily create professional graphics, videos, memes, and gifs in minutes using these tools: Texting Story, Talking Pet, meme generators, Giphy, Boomerang, iMovie (iOS), Photo Slideshow (Android), screen recording and Canva.

We move fast, but have a lot of fun!


Tips to Keep Your Hardware and Equipment School-Ready

Horizon Software’s Kevin Case and Vulcan’s K-12 Ambassador Mike Burke share their favorite tips and tricks to manage your fixed assets.

Loss Prevention

Preventing Shrinkage for School Nutrition Programs

Marketing 101

The Ingredients for Tasty Promotions