Tips for a Successful Rollover

Tips for a Successful Rollover
Editorial Team

Here are some details we recommend you keep in mind as you proceed with rollover.

  • It is generally recommended that you Upgrade, your entire district, prior to rolling over. In some cases, you may choose to delay the upgrade. You can do that, but be aware of the information, below.
  • Once you have upgraded your Central Office Computer, ALL site computers must upgrade, before they will receive the Rollover command.
  • The Rollover command is sent via Horizon Communications. Machines must be on the same OneSource version or they will not communicate.
  • Once you upgrade your Central Office server, monitor the site machines, to verify that they have upgraded. If not, you must complete the upgrade, before the machine will Roll Over.
  • If you Roll Over your district first, you should verify that all machines have rolled over, prior to upgrading.
  • If the parent machine has upgraded and rolled over, but the child machine has done neither, the child machine will have to upgrade before it will roll over.

Please contact the support team if you have any questions. We are here to help!