Tech Tips – Solana

Tech Tips – Solana
Editorial Team

Setting the Time Zone

The May 20, 2019 Solana release fixes many issues where times and dates were not displaying properly if your school district is outside the Eastern time zone. It is now very important that your schools have the correct time zone set.

To set time zones:

  1. Log on to Solana.
  2. Go to Admin > Schools > select your central office and press More Details.
  3. Select the School Details tab.
  4. Choose Central office time zone.
  5. Select the correct time zone in the drop down box based on your time zone.
  6. Choose the School Time Zone.
  7. Select the correct time zone in the drop down box based on your time zone.
  8. Press the Save button.
  9. Go to Admin > Schools > and select a school that is not the central office.
  10. Choose the School Time Zone.
  11. Select the correct time zone in the drop down box based on your time zone.
  12. Press the Save button.
  13. Repeat steps 9 – 12 for each school in your district.


SIS file failed to import.

Go to Admin > Integration.

  1. Click the SIS import Job – Verify setup and “Last Run Date.”
  2. Click the “History” tab > Expand the “Run Date” to see the error.

*Verify the file name didn’t change.


Cashier not assigned to site.

Go to Admin > Users.

  1. Look up “User Group” Cashier. If Cashier is not found, click “New User.”
  2. Once locating cashier user > Double Click.
  3. The left side of the screen will list “Available Sites.” Highlight the site and move it to the right to “Assigned Sites” by click the “>” arrow button.
  4. Click Save.


Student Balance didn’t Rollover.

Go to Community > Archived Student Record.

  1. Click the drop down “Select a Saved View” to view previous archive years (unless previous is the default list).
  2. Look up student by School, ID, First, or Last Name, and it will show the end of year balance.

To Verify the balance, go to Reports > Standard.

  1. Select the Transaction History report from the list.
  2. Enter the date range and student info, then select Run.

Note: Solana only has two rollover options: Carry over all Balances or Set NEGATIVE Balances to zero.

  1. Verify by going to Admin > End of Year Process.


Income Eligibility Guidelines did not update.

Go to Admin > Definition/Setup > Community > Income Eligibility Guidelines.

  1. Click edit for the column you would like to update

Note: Income Eligibility Guidelines automatically update in Solana once released by the USDA. No user action is necessary.