Tanya’s Tips: May through June

Tanya’s Tips: May through June
Editorial Team

Hello, Horizon Family! It’s time for the second edition of “Tanya’s Tips. ” I hope this series of software tips and best practices throughout the year helps make the Horizon cafeteria management software system even easier to use and streamlines your operations.

From May through June, I recommend that you:

Refer to Summer Process Guide to review the following tasks:

  • Complete Month End Reports
  • Complete School Closing Procedures
  • Complete Year End Rollover

Last day of Serving: Disable Student Information System (Enrollment System) import in OneSource

View training material provided by Horizon Software. Review the Summer Maintenance section here.

Healthy Vending: Clean vending machines and check and replace filters, if necessary

Healthy Vending: If machines are not going to be used for the summer turn off main power inside the machines

Healthy Vending: Use a car wax/polish and way or polish the outside of the machine to protect its finish.

Stay tuned to our blog for more software tips like this each month!