Don’t Depend on Your SIS for Your POS

Don’t Depend on Your SIS for Your POS
Editorial Team

Recently, we’ve heard a recurring theme from directors. Many are asking why they shouldn’t just use their student information system for their cafeteria point of sale system. We don’t want to see a director get frustrated or feel trapped by limited technology. So, if you think your SIS will be “good enough” as a point of sale system, you should a­­­sk yourself these questions:

Does your SIS:

  • Keep up with frequent USDA changes and requirements?
  • Give you all of the reports you need?
  • Know about the 10 day grace period for student status?
  • Import DC list and provide list of unmatched students?
  • Follow the USDA digital prototype for Online Applications?
  • Continually add to your child nutrition department’s needs as they change from year to year?
  • Have a team dedicated to support when your district goes live, and are they     available 24×7?
  • Have a dedicated support team for parents for online payments?
  • Have systems in place for Menu Planning, Inventory, CN Data, Nutritional Analysis, and Production Records?
  • Understand the different users – from cashiers to managers to central office?
  • Offer the capability to create custom reports?
  • Have a messaging system to alert managers/cashiers immediately?
  • Allow you to create a menu item on the fly?
  • Have the Income Brackets loaded and an easy Verification Process?

With Horizon, all of the boxes above are checked, and then some! If you’d like to learn more about Horizon’s cafeteria technology solutions, including our cloud-based software system, Solana, call us at 800-741-7100 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!