Streamlining Centrally Managed Operations

Streamlining Centrally Managed Operations
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Ever feel like you’ve been spinning on a hamster wheel of paperwork and process?

This is your year to break free from the endless list of manual processes, paperwork, and stress!

Our latest updates to Horizon School Technology Back of House enables K12 school nutrition programs to streamline their processes without the added work. With HST, you can expect to:

  • Eliminate the unnecessary, endless tasks of repetitive data entry
  • Automate & simplify for a user-friendly experience for your staff
  • Decrease cost & increase productivity
  • Improve communication, time management & data analysis
  • Monitor your entire procurement process with centrally, with ease

In an effort to honor our word and save you time, we’ve made our latest webinar on-demand so you don’t have to wait or deal with scheduling conflicts. 

Click the video below to access our on-demand webinar for Streamlining Centrally Managed Operations with Ease!

Like what you see? Learn more by connecting with us today. We’ll put you in touch with one of our experts.

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We look forward to helping you streamline your operations in a user-friendly environment!


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