Horizon School Technology

A new platform with new solutions.

Horizon School Technology is a new platform designed specifically for K-12 school districts to address the needs of school nutritionpayments, registration, and campus security. 

Horizon School Technology is a robust, easytouse solution that gives districts centralized insight into school operations and provides data that allows administrators to make informed decisions. It also integrates with third party district systems such as SIS, accounting, library, communications and other software to eliminate duplication of data and provide an enhanced student, faculty, staff and parent experience. 


Menu Planning and Nutritional Analysis

Simplify the overwhelming task of creating menus to meet USDA requirements, stay within your budget, and that students will enjoy eating.


Business Analytics

Monitor the performance of your operation with an at-a- glance dashboard and comprehensive reports. Data analysis allows you to get more out of your data and inform strategic decisions to run your business.


Inventory Management

Horizon understands the business of school nutrition, and we take our obligation to providing smarter tools for better cost control seriously. Ordering and Bid Management options further streamline your operation.


Warehouse and Central Kitchen

Take control of the procurement process and accurately track everything from receiving to order consolidation, fulfillment, and shipping.