End-of-Year Best Practices for MyPaymentsPlus.com

End-of-Year Best Practices for MyPaymentsPlus.com
Editorial Team

As another school year comes to a close, we want to make sure you have everything you need to step into summer stress-free. Below are some of the best practices for ending the year with MyPaymentsPlus.‍

If you use MyPaymentsPlus for meal payments only:

  • Send home communication to parents regarding your school/district’s policy for remaining funds. Whether you plan on rolling their balance to next year, or sending a check to their home, giving them that information now will help prevent them from calling you the last week of school.
  • When a parent calls our support team asking for a refund, they will be referred to their students school or district for a balance refund request.
  • Please note that we are assisting you in your collection efforts by sending out Negative Cafeteria Balance alerts via email to any parent who’s student’s lunch account is below $0.
  • If you wish to have a custom email regarding negative balances, along with your policy, let us know by emailing: marketing@mypaymentsplus.com

If you use MyPaymentsPlus for Fees & Activity payments only:

  • Do you still have parents with unpaid fees you want to collect? Let us know! We can send out an email campaign to encourage them to pay their outstanding fees. Reach out to us at marketing@mypaymentsplus.com to schedule your eblast.
  • Are you all set for Summer Programs? If you have everything loaded, let us know and we’ll help promote those registrations.
  • Looking to make extra money over summer? Many schools open their doors to the community during the summer and promote facility rentals for events. Registration for these events can be captured via MyPaymentsPlus.

If you use MyPaymentsPlus to manage meal, fees and activity payments:

  • Parents may contact us to close their account. In the event of an account closure, their remaining balance will still reside in the cafeteria POS and any Fee & Activity registrations, if applicable, will still remain intact on rosters & reports.
  • If you are suspending payments you may still see deposits up to 10 business days after payments were closed. Although the date you suspend payments prevents new online payments from being made, they will continue to process through the banking system and post to your account through the 10 business day time frame.
  • Update your district bulletin with your current policy/end of year requests. To update the District Bulletin, log in to your admin account here and click “Settings”. Under “District Management” click “District Bulletin.” From the dropdown titled “Select a Location” select “Account Summary- District Message.” From there you can enter your message and click “Save Content”. Consider this your virtual billboard for communicating with parents.
  • Be sure to follow us on Social Media to stay in the loop with our communication to parents. You can find us by searching “MyPaymentsPlus” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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