Report a Security Concern

Horizon Software takes all security vulnerabilities that potentially impact our products, services and customers seriously.

If you have a concern, we would like to collaborate with you to investigate, verify and remediate potential issues. Thank you for your cooperative disclosure.

If you are a customer, please submit a case through Horizon Support.

If you are not a Horizon customer, please send an email to our security team at When creating your report, please include any of the information that applies below:

  • Product and version
  • Deployment type: Horizon SaaS, third-party hosting or customer on-premise hosting
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Evidence / screenshots
  • URL and/or IP address
  • Contact information and preferred method of contact
  • Code sample, if applicable

Once a security report is verified, Horizon will respond and coordinate with you through resolution. Please contact our security team directly immediately upon discovering a potential issue. This ensures that Horizon has enough time to develop and test any patches and customers have sufficient time to remediate.