Tips to Recover Unpaid Meal Balances with

Tips to Recover Unpaid Meal Balances with
Editorial Team

We can hardly believe it is May! Districts across the country are preparing for the end of the school year, which means closing the books and communications to parents. During this month, you’re probably notifying parents to pay off their negative balances, so I wanted to share some functionality in MyPaymentsPlus that makes it easy for you to reduce unpaid meal balances.

All parents that have an account on MyPaymentsPlus can initiate to have a low balance email sent to them to notify them whenever their account falls below a certain amount. That functionality is available year-round, but specifically during this time of year, the MyPaymentsPlus Team sends courtesy emails to anyone with an account and a negative balance. So parents that have those low balance emails or have a negative balance will receive a notification from MyPaymentsPlus.

And we have a MyPaymentsPlus Marketing Team that is completely devoted to our districts using the site to manage their meal and school fee and activity payments. So if you need custom messaging, such as alerting parents that there is a specific date that they need to pay by, our Marketing Team can help you create that message.

And a sneak peek into some new features of our system – balance transfers will soon be available on MyPaymentsPlus accounts. Balance transfers will allow parents to transfer funds between two students’ meal accounts and transfer funds between their student’s fees/activities and school meal accounts. We are really excited about the service that our Development Team has created that makes the balance transfers work behind the scenes.  There are no ports or firewalls that need to opened on the district’s end and it’s a more efficient data communication service that we can continue to build on in the future.


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