Innovation for K12 School Nutrition

Innovation for K12 School Nutrition
Editorial Team

What is innovation? Examples like self-driving cars, crypto currency, and 3D printing quickly come to mind when pondering this term. Powerhouses in Silicon Valley develop creative concepts like these into reality for industries around the world. Yet, the K-12 market seems to be one of the last stops for innovative technology. Horizon wants to change that, and here’s how:

You’ll see big changes from us this year starting with our Solana product. We are re-inventing point-of-sale and back-of-house functions so operation is proactive, not reactive. Through the year, we’ll introduce similar innovations to both OneSource and MyPaymentsPlus to elevate the operations of all our K-12 customers. We can’t wait to tell you more, so be on the lookout for updates from our team.

Welcome to the new face of K-12 driven by Horizon Software!


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