Horizon has one integrated solution for your school nutrition program

Horizon has one integrated solution for your school nutrition program
Editorial Team

One integrated solution that is flexible to fit your specific needs.

We know that you have your hands full managing your school’s nutrition program. From keeping your serving lines moving quickly to ensuring healthy, satisfying meals that meet nutritional requirements and minimize waste, you have many hats to wear as a foodservice director. 

Horizon has purposefully designed one integrated solution to make all aspects of managing school nutrition operations easier. Horizon School Technology provides an intuitive, unified solution for every component of your school nutrition program, including:  

Front of House: 

  • Point of sale 
  • Student eligibility 
  • Online payments 

Back of House: 

  • Menu planning and nutritional analysis 
  • Inventory management 
  • Business analytics 

One Solution for All Your School Nutrition Needs 

Along with serving safe, nutritious meals, your school nutrition program must also provide accurate accountability for spending and control food and labor costs. With 30 years as a market leader in K-12 software, Horizon’s solutions make it easier for your staff to meet these demands, so you can focus on serving students. Our technology provides one integrated solution to help address your complex and unique needs. All Horizon technology complies with USDA and state agency requirements, which is why we serve millions of students in K-12 districts nationwide. 

Horizon’s cloud-enabled solutions will help enhance, automate, and streamline your operation, improving accuracy and consistency across the board. The results? Faster lines, higher participation, cost savings, less waste, reduced workload, and increased satisfaction of students, parents, and staff.  

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