Get the word out! Contactless payments are safer and easier!

Get the word out! Contactless payments are safer and easier!
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Get contactless payments withMyPaymentsPlus

We know the back-to-school season is a busy time, especially with the added challenges the pandemic brings. Horizon Software is here to help you make the new school year a safe and successful one. One important way you can keep your staff and students safe is through contactless payments.  

Are your parents using MyPaymentsPlus for all their school-related payments? Often, the biggest obstacle for schools in transitioning to safe and convenient contactless payments is informing parents that they have the option. MyPaymentsPlus provides a way for your school to collect payments for virtually every type of fee and activity, in addition to students’ meals. Parents have one place that they can securely and easily monitor and pay for everything. Horizon has a team dedicated to helping your staff and your parents become comfortable making online payments.  

Our MyPaymentsPlus marketing team offers many ways to assist your staff in implementing online payments for your school and encouraging parents to participate in the program. We have everything from creative flyers and fun social media graphics to helpful guides and video tutorials for parents – and we’re happy to customize marketing materials too! We’ve created a resource website that contains all our marketing resources to help with parent communication.  

MyPaymentsPlus eliminates the need for cash or checks to exchange hands. Both the online platform and MyPaymentsPlus mobile app, which is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, give parents the freedom and convenience of making payments and adding funds to their students’ meal accounts as well as monitoring their students’ fees, activities, payment history, and meal purchases anytime, anywhere. 

Additionally, parents can view and sign all required documents, such as student handbooks, media release forms, field trip forms, and other permission forms. This feature is a favorite for teachers as it eliminates the need for their students to be responsible for taking home and bringing back signed documents. MyPaymentsPlus saves time and improves processes, reducing workload for your faculty and staff.  

Go contactless with MyPaymentsPlus! 

  • Meals 
  • Activities Fees 
  • AP Exams
  • Digital documents 
  • And much more! 

If you are a current MyPaymentsPlus customer and would like to activate the fees and activities feature, or you’re interested in learning more about MyPaymentsPlus and how it can help your school, contact our sales team today! 


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