Four Ways MyPaymentsPlus Can Assist During COVID-19

Four Ways MyPaymentsPlus Can Assist During COVID-19
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In the wake of COVID-19, school districts are focusing on what is important: meeting the needs of students, families, and staff during this time of uncertainty. For our MyPaymentsPlus family, the goal is no different. We want to support you and create solutions to ensure your district is taken care of.

Here are a few ways that MyPaymentsPlus can help you immediately and moving forward:

  1. Accepting emergency meal requests online:

Many districts are still looking for ways to identify food-insecure families in need of meal service in their area. MyPaymentsPlus forms solve this problem by enabling you to collect the necessary information from your community so you can deliver meals to those in need. Create these forms and attach them to a $0 activity for a roster of parents seeking assistance.. Parents can easily visit to complete the form with information like physical address, phone number, number of students, and any other information your district may need. Once complete, the form is automatically sent to your staff, and you can get meals where they need to go!


  1. Surveying parent needs for hotspots or technology devices for online learning:

We know all students deserve access to the technology they need to continue learning, so we’re doing our part to make that happen.  For districts offering supplies like laptops and mobile hotspots, MyPaymentsPlus forms can capture the needs of families within that district.  Create your own form for parents to complete and easily include technology waivers, signature requirements, and resource links. This provides your technology staff with a roster of student requests they can use to develop a distribution plan.


  1. Refunding or postponing activities:

MyPaymentsPlus makes it easy to refund anyone who already paid for activities. Our support staff is ready to assist you with any needs related to refunds, and we can even process them for you. If you want to postpone the activity or move the date into the upcoming school year, simply changing the date for the activity is a great idea. This will allow students the ability to participate without having to resubmit payments. Our marketing team can help explain these adjustments to parents at no cost.


  1. Use your parents’ district bulletin to keep communication flowing:

The district bulletin resource is located on your parents’ MyPaymentsPlus account and can be used as an extension of your district site. It’s a convenient place to add updated information, meal locations, registration changes, technology troubleshooting, and more! This is a shared space between the nutrition department, business office, and any department seeking a prime location to share information with parents. Links can be included to give parents one place to go for all important information. This will also help the site become more valuable to them when everything returns to normal. Our parent support team is always available to assist with any questions parents may have while using the site.

For more information on this topic and more, please check out our upcoming webinars. 


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