#FeelGoodFridays – Good News to End the Week On

#FeelGoodFridays – Good News to End the Week On
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How about some good news to end the week on? There couldn’t be a better time to shine some light on hardworking teams serving the students in their communities and making sure no child goes hungry. Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools was out in the rain, serving those families in their drive thru lines.

Both Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools and Coweta County School Nutrition have put together great videos to help inform the parents at their districts of where and how to receive their meals throughout the nationwide closures. We highly encourage you to promote your messaging on social media and on your school websites. Often times, county/city social media pages will also share your posts too.

Norfolk Public Schools School Nutrition program is making it clear that healthy food and social distancing are equally important!

We are loving the colorful bags, Norfolk! Nothing says happy like bright colors and a fresh meal.

Hall County School Nutrition has been on spring break this week, but wrapped up the Friday before with a whopping 264,000+ meals served by day 14 of emergency feeding. Wow! Hall County has been doing a combination of meal deliveries via bus stop and school drive thrus.

If you’re looking to spread some positive cheer, we encourage you to take a look at Hillsborough County Public Schools – Student Nutrition Services page and you’ll find yourself smiling as you scroll past through their positive vibes. Take a look at some of the inspiring posts they’ve shared recently:

We hope this helps brighten up your day and reminds you that so many people are thankful to you and your staff for the hard work you put out there each and every day.

If you would like to be featured in next week’s Feel Good Friday, let us know! We’d love to showcase your program.

Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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