Part 2 of 3: Are inaccuracies in your back-of-house operation causing your school nutrition program to suffer?

Part 2 of 3: Are inaccuracies in your back-of-house operation causing your school nutrition program to suffer?
Editorial Team


How accurate and reliable are the processes you use in your school’s nutrition program? Are you able to easily gather data and run reports to help you make cost-effective and labor-saving decisions? Are you still using paper to manually count inventory and for other tasks? If your back-of-house system is complex and outdated, your operation could be prone to errors – wasting money and overworking your staff.  

Many foodservice directors and managers are overwhelmed trying to track and manage the various facets of their operation, including menu planning, ordering, inventory, and compliance, and are spending too much time completing arduous tasks. As a result, school nutrition programs suffer – with reduced profits and increased waste. 

Errors resulting from using outdated manual processes are the top reason school nutrition programs overspend and underperform. Upgrading your system to cloud-based software automates and modernizes your operation and improves accuracy and consistency to provide cost savings, reduce workload, and increase satisfaction of staff, students, and parents. 

Horizon School Technology offers a full-featured back-of-house food and inventory management system that acts as an all-in-one solution for streamlining and increasing the accuracy of school nutrition programs. HST provides advanced tools for food production to help reduce waste, enhance quality, and improve margins.  

  • Menu-driven forecasting and ordering prevents over-ordering and shortages, lowering food costs and minimizing storage issues and waste. HST can interface with your national suppliers and local vendors for always-accurate pricing and compliance. 
  • Switching from manual to automated receiving and invoicing reduces data entry errors and helps to determine inventory value. HST provides full accounts payable integration. 
  • Faster, simplified inventory management eliminates paper inventory counts and ensures accuracy, efficiency, and data integrity. Inventory is scanned electronically with a handheld device, which makes it easy to issue and transfer product to and from schools and between school sites. 
  • Central distribution allows automated ordering of items based on forecasted menu needs, improving production efficiency. 
  • KPI visualizations are available to ensure you don’t miss opportunities for savings and reducing costs. This is a critical tool for effective budget planning. 

How outdated are your school nutrition program’s processes? Check out our self-assessment designed to allow you to take an objective look at your operations, specifically from an accuracy perspective. The simple questionnaire can help you determine how accurate and reliable your processes are and if you’d benefit from Horizon’s cloud-based solution. As always, feel free to reach out to our veteran account management team if you would prefer a real-time discussion.